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For individual purchases online (Before Dec 1, 2019):

Go to For use as a student text book, consult your professor to get the discount code for a nice reduction from the list price of $75. The initial order confirmation will not indicate the reduced price; but have faith, the price will be lowered before your credit card is charged and you will receive email confirmation of that when the book is shipped. Any problems, call 1-800-247-6553.

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For bookstore ordering (Before Sept 1, 2019):

Email Purchase Orders to:, or;
Call Purchase Order in to 1-800-266-5564.
For information on bookstore purchasing terms:

For bookstore ordering after Sept 1, 2019,

Or, for indivdual orders after Dec 1, 2019:

Go to

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Digital Control of Dynamic Systems by Franklin, Powell, Workman