Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, 3rd Edition, 1998
By Franklin G.F., Powell J.D., and Workman M.L.

This well-respected work discusses the use of digital computers in the real-time control of dynamic systems. The emphasis is on the design of digital controls that achieve good dynamic response and small errors while using signals that are sampled in time and quantized in amplitude. Classical, state-space, and optimal control methods are described and applied to illustrative examples. The strengths and limitations of each method are explored to help the reader develop satisfactory designs with the least effort.

The book also offers a review of feedback control systems and an overview of digital control systems leading to a simple design methodology. MATLAB statements and problems are thoroughly and carefully integrated throughout the book to offer readers a complete design picture.

Finally, the book includes chapters on system identification, nonlinear control, and a comprehensive design example of a disk drive servo.


Digital Control of Dynamic Systems by Franklin, Powell, Workman