Table of Contents

Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, 3rd Edition, 1998

By Franklin G.F., Powell J.D., and Workman M.L.
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  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Continuous Control
    1. Dynamic Response
    2. Basic Properties of Feedback
    3. Root Locus
    4. Frequency Response Design
    5. Compensation
    6. State-Space Design
  3. Introductory Digital Control
    1. Digitization
    2. Effect of Sampling
    3. PID Control
  4. Discrete Systems Analysis
    1. Linear Difference Equations
    2. The Discrete Transfer Function
    3. Discrete Models of Sampled-Data Systems
    4. Signal Analysis and Dynamic Response
    5. Frequency Response
    6. Properties of the z-Transform
  5. Sampled-Data Systems
    1. Analysis of the Sample and Hold
    2. Spectrum of a Sampled Signal
    3. Data Extrapolation
    4. Block Diagram Analysis
    5. System Output Between Samples
  6. Discrete Equivalents
    1. Design via Numerical Integration
    2. Zero-Pole Matching
    3. Hold Equivalents
  7. Design Using Transform Techniques
    1. System Specifications
    2. Design by Emulation
    3. Direct Design by Root Locus in the z-Plane
    4. Frequency Response Methods
    5. Direct Design Method of Ragazzini
  8. Design Using State-Space Methods
    1. Control Law Design
    2. Estimator Design
    3. Regulator Design: Control + Estimator
    4. Reference Input
    5. Integral Control and Disturbance Estimation
    6. Effects of Delays
    7. Controllability and Observability
  9. Multivariable and Optimal Control
    1. Decoupling
    2. Time-varying Optimal Control
    3. LQR Steady-State Optimal Control
    4. Optimal Estimation
    5. Multivariable Control Design – with Examples
  10. Quantization Effects
    1. Analysis of Round-off Errors
    2. Effects of Parameter Round-off
    3. Limit Cycles and Dither
  11. Sample Rate Selection
    1. The Sampling Theorem's Limit
    2. Time Response and Smoothness
    3. Errors due to Random Plant Disturbances
    4. Sensitivity to Parameter Variations
    5. Measurement Noise and Antialiasing Filters
    6. Multirate Sampling
  12. System Identification (ID)
    1. Defining the Model
    2. ID of Nonparametric Models
    3. Models and Criteria for ID
    4. Deterministic Estimation
    5. Stochastic Least Squares
    6. Maximum Likelihood
    7. Numerical Search for Max Likelihood
    8. Subspace ID Methods
  13. Nonlinear Control
    1. Analysis Techniques
    2. Nonlinear Control Structures: Design
    3. Design with Nonlinear Cost Functions
  14. Design of a Disk Drive Servo: A Case Study
    1. Overview of Disk Drives
    2. Components and Models
    3. Design Specifications
    4. Disk Servo Design

There is a Summary at the end of each chapter and Problems for the students to work out. There are also Appendices that review basic material, contain a table of z-transforms, and a list of pertinent Matlab Functions.
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